Get a Healthier Lawn With the Help of This Lawn Service!

Are you noticing that your lawn is starting to lose color? You’ve been dealing with brown patches and weeds for a while and nothing seems to be working. Even if you have been watering and mowing on a regular basis, it might not be enough to bring it back to health. Perhaps you should consider hiring a lawn service such as Green Thumb Lawn & Landscaping. We can take good care of the lawn in your property in Laurel, MD.

What You Get From Hiring a Lawn Expert

When it comes to the maintenance of the lawn in your property, it shouldn’t only stop with mowing and watering. Proper care and maintenance also include improving the quality of the soil, checking the irrigation system, and finding the right type of fertilizer to promote healthier growth of the lawn grass. If you hire a professional lawn service, they will be able to improve the quality of the lawn overall because they have the training and the tools to get all of these done. Want a healthier lawn? Hire a lawn expert so that you will get quality results.

Choose Us to Take Care of Your Lawn!

With the health of the lawn as the priority, our lawn care service will include the maintenance of everything that affects the lawn. For better growth, we can apply the right fertilizer that will be best suitable for the lawn grass. We can also add either organic or non-organic mulch, depending on your preference, to improve the quality of the soil. Furthermore, we can also aerate the soil so that water and nutrients will be evenly distributed to the roots of the lawn grass. The irrigation system will also be checked if it is working properly. Hire us and your lawn will be in good hands.

Green Thumb Lawn & Landscaping is a lawn service that you can rely on to take good care of your lawn. Have a lawn in Laurel, MD that needs proper maintenance? Don’t hesitate. Give us a call today at (301) 814-7535 and inquire about discounts on any of the services that we are offering.

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